10 Healthy Ways to Use Greek Yogurt

Silky and decadent, Greek yogurt is too good and too healthy not to be a mealtime staple. Here are 10 ideas to help incorporate it into your life.


Greek yogurt makes a heavenly smoothie. Add fruit, peanut butter or chocolate and voila — a perfect on-the-go meal.


For a sweet treat, layer yogurt with fruit, granola or nuts. For something savory, use roasted veggies or spiced chickpeas.

Frozen Yogurt

Mix frozen fruit and honey with yogurt and freeze. Homemade frozen yogurt in a snap!

Fruit Dip

Greek yogurt makes a yummy dip for any fruit. Try strawberries, grapes and pineapple.

Pasta Sauce

Think Alfredo sauce without the cream. Combine yogurt with butter, lemon zest and garlic for a creamy pasta sauce you’ll adore.


Yogurt with a touch of mustard, chopped dill and salt will liven up any sandwich. Sorry, mayonnaise!

Chicken Salad

Swap yogurt for mayonnaise to make a lighter, tangier chicken salad. Add pecans, grapes, and red onions. Healthy never tasted so good.

Lemon Yogurt Cake

Yogurt and lemon are a natural match. Yogurt instead of butter makes cakes moist while lightening the calories.

Chicken Kebobs

Marinate chunks of boneless chicken breast in spiced Greek yogurt. Alternate chicken with veggies on a skewer and broil — a quick and nutritious meal.

Twice Baked Potatoes

Kick sour cream to the side. Tangy yogurt goes perfectly with scallions, cheddar cheese and bacon.