10 Recipes for Healthy Junk Food Alternatives

Instead of eating junk food that isn’t healthy for the body, consider some of the alternatives that provide the nutrients that you need during the day. Potato chips are sometimes a staple in the home, especially if you have children. An alternative is kale chips. You can bake kale with a sprinkle of sea salt on top to create a healthy snack for everyone in the home. Baked slices of potatoes are an alternative to french fries. Use coconut oil on the pan for a nice crunch that is similar to what you would get if you prepared the fries in oil.

When you want to make macaroni and cheese, use butternut squash instead of the noodles. The dish will be a bit sweeter but will be healthier compared to the high number of carbohydrates that are found in kinds of pasta. When you want something sweet, like candy or cake, then get a piece of fruit. Several kinds of fruit can be frozen, offering healthy snacks for days instead of letting fruits sit on the counter and go to waste. Pizza is a meal that you can make healthy using slices of zucchini or eggplant for the crust or cauliflower flour as the crust.