3 Healthy New Ways to Eat Cauliflower Crust (That Aren’t Pizza)

There are several ways to prepare cauliflower, but one way that you might not think about is using it to make a crust. You can make a pizza crust with vegetables and other healthy ingredients or prepare one of the many other recipes with the crust.


Make a tart with the cauliflower crust as the base. You can use zucchini and ricotta cheese, squash and ricotta or mozzarella or any other combination that you enjoy. Bake the tarts in a muffin pan, pairing them with a side of asparagus or a fresh salad.


Use the crust to make a healthy quiche with two eggs, grated cheese of any kind and milk. You can add a variety of chopped vegetables, such as squash. Add salt and pepper to taste. The small bakeware for each quiche makes a nice side dish for a main meal or as a main dish if you want to eat a light meal.

Pot Pie

A delicious pot pie is a dish that is comforting any time of the year. Start with the cauliflower crust as the base. Combine your vegetables, diced chicken, and cream of chicken soup in a bowl. Top the pie with another layer of the crust. Bake for about 20 minutes.