38 No-Heat Lunches to bring to work

Looking for easy lunches to take to work that don’t require standing in line for the microwave? Here are some great ideas for those office lunches.

1 A cobb salad with hard boiled eggs, some turkey, cheese, makes a filling lunch.

2 Chicken salad stuffed in a tomato makes a nice carb free lunch.

3 Pasta Salad with a variety of veggies and cheese.

4 Greek pita.

5 Antipasto plate.

6 Egg salad Sandwich.

7 Black Bean and corn salad with onion, cilantro, vinegar, and oil.

8 Caprese salad with tomatoes, Basil, and fresh mozzarella.

9 Tuna salad wraps.

10 Turkey and spinach pinwheels.

11 Chicken salad in an avocado half.

12 Hummus with Pita chips and veggies for dipping.

13 Guacamole Pita pizza, spread Guacamole and top with fresh veggies.

14 Greek tzatziki chicken salad on a pita.

15 Spinach dip roll ups.

16 Woldorf salad with chicken and fresh fruits.

17 Burrito bowls with chicken, salsa, sour cream, cheese and your favorite veggies.

18 Greek salad.

19 Hummus wrap with fresh spinach and veggies.

20 Party platter, cheeses, fruit, and veggie assortment.

21 Wedge salad.

22 Avocado toast rounds with cottage cheese and tomato.

23 No bread Italian sub. Roll lettuce, tomato, and peppers, inside meat and cheese.

24 Avocado Tuna salad. Blend, add veggies, no mayo needed.

25 Chicken taco mason jar salad.

26 Shrimp & Avocado Summer Rolls using spring roll wrappers.

27 Cucumber subs, turkey and cream cheese between cucumbers.

28 Spaghetti salad, fresh tomatoes, onion, and season.

29 Cucumber Chicken salad bites. Just top slices of cucumber.

30 Salmon Avocado rolls using spring roll wrappers.

31 Creamy red pepper soup, served chilled.

32 Veggie sushi rolls.

33 Cucumber tuna boats. Just scoop and stuff.

34 Caprese Pesto pasta salad.

35 No carb BLT. Just place in romaine leaves.

36 Tuna Poke Lettuce Cups, Ahi tuna, citrus fruit in lettuce cups.

37 Chickpea and Edamame salad.

38 Buffalo Chicken stuffed celery. Shred season and stuff.