Four Benefits of Tea For Health

Drinking tea whether iced or hot can have some benefits for your health. This will take a look at four benefits tea has for health.


Tea can help to keep you hydrated while replenishing fluids lost through sweat on hot summer days. Tea is mostly water which gives it this benefit. Drinking tea instead of coffee or soda will also keep you cooler if you are drinking during hot months.


The caffeine found in tea can help you to continue functioning through your day without the effects of coffee on the nervous system. Tea does not reduce energy levels because there is no sudden rush of caffeine followed by a crash. The slow, steady increase in energy makes it a good alternative to quick energy fixes.

Weight Loss

Research is starting to show that drinking tea can help you to lose weight. Metabolism is increased by drinking green tea, and tea doesn’t give you extra calories. There are no calories in tea expect those that you add to it with things such as sugar or other sweeteners.

Calming Effect

It is not known why but tea can reduce stress levels. Green tea can have an anti-depressant effect which elevates mood.

These are just four of tea’s health benefits there are several more.

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