4 Tips To Lip Smacking Fried Chicken

If you’re looking to fry up some of the best fried chicken of your life, the keep reading because we have 4 great tips that will take your next batch to a lip smacking, crispy and juicy level.

Let’s get right to it

Tip 1) Soak the chicken in Buttermilk for up to 8 hours prior to cooking. Buttermilk has 3 benefits that will enhance your fried chicken. 1) The lactic acid in the buttermilk will tenderize the meat. 2) The salt content in the buttermilk will permeate the meat to break down the muscle and result in a juicier outcome. 3) The buttermilk will act as a binder for the coating when you fry your chicken resulting in a fuller crispier coating.

Tip 2) Using peanut oil for frying your chicken will not only result in a better flavor than most oils, it is also a healthier choice and has a higher smoke point which means you can cook at a slightly higher temperature allowing for a faster fry and crispier outcome.

Tip 3) Add garlic to your buttermilk marinade for an even better finished flavor.

Tip 4) Cook in small batches so that your oil maintains a high temperature throughout the cooking process. Adding too much chicken at once will lower your fry oil temperature resulting in less crispy more soggy finished product.

Add these 4 tips to your favorite fried chicken recipe next time and you’ll need more chicken and more napkins! Enjoy