4 Ways Tea Combats the Effects of Stress

When the weather is scorching and you are feeling the summer heat what do you reach for? Many people reach for iced tea. The weather is cold and you’re looking out the frosty window. Statistics tell us that most people will have a comforting cup of hot tea.

In the United States alone 80% of the homes have tea in their pantries. Tea is the only beverage served hot or cold on a regular basis. The demand is huge and is it any wonder that the American public consumes 3.6 billion gallons of tea a year. In 2016 Turkey was the leader in world tea consumption. Tea is a great beverage with new health benefits being discovered daily.

Water is the only beverage that is above the consumption of tea. Water is so very important and when you add tea to the mix you have liquid gold. Green tea has a high reputation for its calming effect.

The health benefit manifests itself through the amino acid found as a stress-reliever. Many have felt the anxiety of everyday stress in life. Having a relaxing ritual gives the body the time it needs to let go and process the stress of the day.

There are many techniques that will aid in relieving the stress of life. When relaxing with your cup of tea, find the place of your choice away from the cares of the world. Put on soft music and think happy thoughts.

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