5 Kitchen Tools That Should Make a Comeback

There are several kitchen tools that need to make a comeback. The first kitchen tool is a food mill. There are a few things that a food mill is going to be able to help you to master in the kitchen. These things might include a chunky tomato soup, seedless jam, and fluffy mashed potatoes.

The second kitchen tool is a pastry cutter. This is especially important when you are trying to make a flaky die dough. This is because it has the ability to cut up the cold butter into cubes for the flour and the dough will not be overworked.

The third kitchen tool is the pressure cooker. This tool is going to cook a variety of different foods in a short amount of time while still being able to develop all of the flavors of the food. For example, you can cook a chili in about 30 minutes.

The fourth kitchen tool is the collapsible steamer basket. This is a lot smaller and easier to store than the bamboo steamer. Since it opens and closes so easy, you can use it with any of your pots to steam your dumplings, vegetables, and meat.

The fifth kitchen tool is the manual timer. This is a lot more cleaner and reliable than the timer that you can use on your phone. Plus you don’t have to worry about not hearing the timer when it goes off and there is not going to be any ingredients left on your phone.