Using A Wok For More Than Asian Cooking

A wok can be used for a lot more than cooking Asian inspired dishes.

* A wok is definitely a different cooking vessel due to its wide top. This makes it an excellent choice to use when tossing a salad.

* Use a large wok to mix any kind of batter or dough.

* Scrambled eggs are best done in a wok. The eggs cook in record time without sticking to the pan.

* If you have an electric wok, try using it for fondue. You have a bigger surface to work with over a regular fondue set. You can set the electric wok setting to low, decreasing your risk of burning the cheese.

* A wok can be used for a wide range of Mexican dishes. A wok is perfect to be used for warming tortillas on a low setting.

* A wok makes an excellent cooking vessel to steam lobster efficiently.

* Who would have thought that you can use a wok as an air freshener! You can simply add a little oil to it and place some lavender sprigs, lemon slices or cinnamon sticks to freshen up your kitchen.

* Use your wok as an indoor barbecue grill. Place some wood chips in it with a rack laying on top. This will add a smoky flavor when grilling meat or fish.