A beginner’s guide to meal planning

Meal planning plays a significant role in achieving good eating habits. And while it may sound like an easy task, meal planning be can become a little overwhelming, especially for beginners. However, the work gets more comfortable as soon as you have taken the first step. With a meal plan in place, you not only become accountable for the food you choose but also learn to make better and healthier food choices. Use the guide below as motivation as you get started.

Find recipes that work for you

Depending on what is on your schedule regarding work and events, picking recipes that smoothly work for you is necessary. In case you have a busy week ahead, go for methods that take less than an hour to prepare. Also, focus on recipes that can be made in advance or can last for more than one meal. To cut down on the meal prep work choose recipes that share ingredients, this will also reduce your grocery shopping list.

Start Small

Since starting a meal plan can be a challenge at first, you don’t need to start with a complete weekly meal. Start by planning lunch or dinner for five days to cater for the days you might be busy. Over time, it will become a habit, and in due course, you will be able to meal all the week’s meals.

Do not overlook the why

Always remember the reason behind your meal plan. Such goals could be weight loss, healthier skin, better stomach symptoms or just to save some money. Whatsoever your whys and wherefores, do not lose sight such since they are crucial to your success.

Write It Down

As soon as you have planned everything in your head, write it down. You can use a simple piece of paper before getting a meal planner. Set the plan in a visible place and make a point of setting reminders on your phone.