A Small-Bites Hanukkah Party

Serve your Hanukkah party guests these small-bite, savory recipes to snack on. Below are a few recipe ideas to present at your Hanukkah Party. Guests will be impressed and delighted when they see these dishes!

Bite-Size Latkes: Latkes are a must for your Hanukkah party menu. Make sure to make a few batches so that they don’t run out too fast. Serve with a sour cream or applesauce topping, or put in a separate bowl and let guests dip the potato pancakes themselves.

Latke Cups: Offer multiple variations of your traditional latkes with these latke cups. Instead of keeping them flat, put a cup-indention in the pancake mix in a mini muffin pan. The latkes now have a pocket to fill with sour cream or applesauce, instead of just a dollop of garnish.

Brisket Bites: These bite-size brisket snacks are perfect for your Hanukkah party. The flavorful and filling bites are easy to make. First, prepare and roast the brisket for about an hour. When the center reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit slice thin, bite-size pieces to top onto crispy potato chips.

Sufganiyot: On a sweet note, sufganiyot are a Jewish holiday favorite. These hole-less doughnuts are packed with flavor that will have your guests reaching for more. Fillings can vary from jelly to custard. Garnish the warm doughnuts with powdered sugar for an appetizing treat to serve.