A Taste of Puebla in Bushwick

Santa Ana Deli and Grocery has been in business since 2005. They started off as a small establishment but over the years they have expanded their food area due to the increase of customer demands. Originally brought around for the use of bringing customers authentic Mexican products they’re now more in business for their “take out” section. The owner of Santa Ana Deli and Grocery says that the business still hasn’t lost their original idea and they do still provide authenticate Mexican snacks and drinks they are just set up in wire shelving units that are located around the building up on the walls.

The business does encourage the whole sit down vibe and they’re not to rush their customers but they do strive to keep the original ideas around. There is definitely authenticate Mexican food being served at this establishment, with many loyal customers its safe to say that the Santa Ana Deli and Grocery is the place to be!

Even the employees love working there, everyone is treated with love and treated like they are family no matter the position that is help. Even some of their customers that have been coming around for over a decade feel at home there, while still getting served up their Mexican favorites.