Pizza preferences among different states in America

One of America’s most popular food is Pizza. This amazing dish is loved by Americans across the board. We all have our favorite spots for our favorite pizzas in our local neighborhoods. Incidentally, the United States is home to countless recipes of pizza. It has been observed that each state in America has a preferred type of pizza that they prefer. Anytime you are traveling, make sure you understand what pizza recipe to test in each state.

In Vermont, many residents prefer the Neapolitan pizza. They prefer it baked at a whooping nine hundred degrees Celsius. West Virginia prefers chicken lemon pizza. Washington has been observed to have a strong liking for the Neapolitan pizza as well.

Residents in Kansas probable feel their weekends have been fun if they enjoy a bite of the thin crust pizza coupled with shovel cheese. South Dakota has sourdough crust pizza that is coupled with spies like the sting and pepperoni. Pennsylvania has not indicated a preferred type of pizza. Indeed their only preference is round or square pizza with a thick crust and additions like mushrooms pepperoni and pepper. Oklahoma shares similar sentiments with Pennsylvania. North Carolina prefers the Neapolitan pizza baked at four hundred degrees Celsius. These preferences in different states in America make Pizza even more interesting