Best Way to Reheat Leftovers in the Microwave

You’re just coming home from a busy day. You had to work through lunch and find yourself famished. You look in the refrigerator and see last night’s delicious dinner, but popping it in the microwave isn’t going to give you that astounding flavor you previously experienced — that is, unless you follow these simple steps:

Use Intervals

Take your time. Instead of reheating your leftovers up in one shot, try it 30 seconds at a time, stirring or rotating before starting the microwave up for the next 30 seconds. This will not only help the flavor, it will ensure your food is heated to your desired temperature.

Make it Even

Microwaves heat from the outside in. In order to avoid having a meal that is part warm and crispy and part cold and uncooked, spread your food out as evenly as possible before heating it up.

Consider What You Are Reheating

You boil pasta, broil bread, and bake cookies; so why would you reheat all food in the same manner? You would not cook pasta and a breadstick the same way, take this into consideration and reheat separately. This will allow you to customize the reheating process for each item.


The most salient step to reheating leftovers is to add moisture! Microwaves dry out food, often taking much of the flavor with it. Add a splash of water or stock to your leftovers before reheating them to recreate the amazing dish.