Chefs Hacks You must try

If you want to cook like a chef, there are a few hacks that you can try at home. An easy way to cut your cooking time is to heat the pan before you add your oil or butter. This will prevent you from waiting until both the pan and the oil are heated before you start cooking. Lock in the flavors of the meat that you fix by searing the outside before you finish cooking the meat in the oven. Another option is to sear your meat on the grill. You’ll get beautiful marks on the outside of the meat while locking in the proteins that are healthy for the body.

Create an organized kitchen. If you can’t find the supplies that you need to cook with, then you’re going to waste time that you could spend preparing your meal. Gather your ingredients ahead of time before preparing your meals so that everything is ready to go at one time. Make salt your friend in the kitchen. Add a pinch of salt to your pasta water for added flavor. You can also add a small amount of salt to your marinades to help lock in the flavors of your meats.