These are the 3 Coolest Coffee Shops in the US

The coffee revolution has been taking place in the US for years now. Hundreds of unique coffee shops across the country now offer strange and delicious concoctions that were unavailable just a decade ago. There are so many to choose from, however these three coffee shops are considered by many to be the coolest in the US.

Crema Coffee Roasters

Creama, located in Nashville, Tennessee, had very humble beginnings. Its founders created the entire shop from scratch and worked tirelessly for years to grow their brand. Their work has finally paid off, and Crema is now a nationally-recognized coffee shop with numerous awards from the Specialty Coffee Association of America. They have a beautiful interior and offer great food.

Slightglass Coffee

Located in the SOMA district of San Francisco, California, sits one of the most visually impressive coffee shops in the US. Slightglass was created in 2009 and quickly grew into the cities’ most popular hangout spots thanks to their awesome interior design and wide range of amazing coffee styles. Slightglass sources their coffee from all around the world and focuses heavily on their unique roasting process.

Addiction Coffee House

Addiction Coffee House is a small, somewhat unassuming coffee shop in New Orleans, however it’s grown extremely popular recently thanks to their incredible coffee creations. They source their ingredients from local farmers and have chosen to operate only one shop. Coffee lovers in Louisiana need to check this place out.

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