Making Vegan Cooking Recognizable

While, to some, the idea of vegan food sounds wholesome and delicious, many people would have a hard time agreeing. The biggest issue being that vegan food is, too often, almost unrecognizable. Sometimes, companies try to make vegan foods that are supposed to look like common meat items. They usually do not look quite the same and never live up to the taste that meat eaters are expecting. Often, the alternative is a plate of bland looking grains and vegetables.

The best way to make vegan options appealing to everybody, even the most insistent meat eaters, is by making something that is at least somewhat familiar. The biggest difference between what the average person eats and a well made vegan dish is that the vegan option is often higher in nutrients and pretty much free of bad fats. There are plenty of options that can be made with no animal parts or products that are almost no different than their meat flavored counterparts; curries, stir-fries, soups, and stews. A great option, for instance, is creamy vegan roasted corn chowder.

This corn chowder is not much different than a traditional recipe. It has all of the tender morsels of carrot celery, and onion that is expected from a chowder. Instead of milk cream, the base gets a smooth creamy texture from blended cashews added to vegetable stock. The unique flavor comes from a careful selection of herbs and spices, complemented by a touch of grapeseed oil. All of that to complement the centerpiece of roasted corn.