Leafy greens!

Sometimes leafy greens can seem daunting when you’re faced with the task of eating them. Maybe children have the right idea, who knows? However; a recent outbreak in E. coli was blamed from some leafy greens that were grown right here in U.S. soil and possibly some parts of Canada. Reports have shown that the last outbreak of E. Coli was on December 12th, thus we can all wipe our sweaty foreheads and get back to munching on those greens because it’s been reported that the outbreak is over. Good news, kids!

The roughest thing to think about here is this: greens are grown in the dirt, outside, and due to their need for sunlight to grown probably not in an enclosed area. There is no telling what could of happened to that plant your about to put in your mouth, so no need to blame anyone or start dissing on farmers, it’s most likely just nature taking it’s course. (Bugs have to eat too!) The CDC also makes a good point in concluding that the outbreak has passed it’s potential by reminding us that leafy greens have a short shelf life and those that hit the shelf a month ago wouldn’t be any good to us today.

Sorry folks, you have no reason to not be buying greens anymore. Agencies such as the CDC and a few others say that there is no reason to be avoiding the leafy greens section anymore. Even though the season for E. Coli has passed we are reassured once again that U.S. officials are still investigating this case.