Delicious Burning Fat Snacks in Under 5 Minutes

What many people face in attempting to eat healthy is the overwhelming problem of snacking. Snacking is what keeps us from sustaining a healthy diet and discourages us when we fall off the wagon. It’s so difficult to avoid unhealthy snacks when they surround us constantly. We see a snack and say to ourselves: “maybe only one” and it turns into a horrible decision of consuming too much sugar, calories, sodium and fat. The best way to avoid this is substituting your snacks with healthier fat burning options like the ones below:

1) Acai Bowls:

You can use this to replace your ice-cream sundae cravings. Buy frozen unsweetened Acai smoothie packets. Simply put these packets in the blender with a little almond milk. Blend the ingredients together and serve in a bowl as a thick base. Top the base with granola, coconut shavings and other fruit. It is so satisfying. contains many antioxidants and is incredibly healthy for you and distracts your from cravings.

2) Canned tuna on whole-wheat crackers:

Use one can of tuna, mix it with some lemon, celery and carrots, then take whole wheat crackers and spread the tuna mix on top of them. It only contains around 200 calories that contains 3 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein.


Guacamole is the king of fat burning snacks. Avocados contain vitamin B6 which is known to counteract the belly-fat-building stress hormone, cortisol. This snack is filling and delicious and counters any fat build up.