Family-Friendly Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Weeknight family-friendly dinner recipes are important so dinner does not turn into a restaurant type of affair. This means making foods that everyone in the family will enjoy rather than needing to make something special for some members of the family. Good examples of family-friendly foods include:

• Breaded pork chops
• Fried chicken
• Meatloaf
• Beef and cheddar casserole
• Homemade pizza using a store-bought crust.
• Linguine with either light ingredients like tomatoes and bacon or a heavier meal like Alfredo sauce.
• Pan or oven grilled Salmon with polenta is a fun meal with a healthy meat.
• Sweet and sour meatballs.
• Chicken Parmesan
• Chicken potpie

These are some of the weeknight meals that are family friendly even for picky eaters. But they are meals that can be made relatively fast with few ingredients, yet taste good. Other foods that are pleasing to the family can include honey mustard chicken thighs and legs, lemon pepper chicken or chicken fingers. Tacos are a fast and healthy meal the entire family will enjoy. Fish sticks are another kid pleaser and can be combined with vegetables and regular fries or sweet potato fries for a healthy meal. Baked Ziti is fast to make, something the entire family will like and healthy. Another favorite is stuffed chicken breasts since this can be with bread stuffing or cheese and spinach that will fool children into eating it. Sliders are another dinner that children will eat without any complaints and adults can enjoy plus they are a fast meal to make.