Fresh Start: 21 Tasty Alternatives to Bread

Bread is delicious and people all over the world enjoy it. However, it may not always be the healthiest option for those that are trying to lose weight, since it is high in carbohydrates and calories. Or for those who who have celiac disease, or those that have diabetes. There are always alternatives for bread that are just as tasty. Here are 21 bread alternatives you can use:

1)Romaine Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce is a popular alternative to bread for sandwiches and burgers. You can fill in the lettuce with as many different meats or other foods as you want.

2)Rice Paper Wraps
Although rice paper is still high in carbs, it is still a good alternative. Using rice paper as a wrap takes some practice, but it is not difficult.

3)Almond Bread
Almond bread is made by using almond flour, which has lower carbohydrates than regular wheat flour. Almond flour is usually gluten free.

4)Cauliflower Bread / Pizza Crust
Cauliflower bread and pizza crust has gained popularity over the past couple of years and it is a great alternative for bread. There are many different recipes to choose from.

5)Sweet Potato
You may have never guessed that sweet potato can be a great alternative to bread, but it certainly makes great burger buns substitution. They taste delicious with both meats and vegetables.

Other bread alternatives include:

6)crisp bread
7)chickpea flatbread
8)oopsie rolls
9)north staffordshire oatcake
10)collard greens
11)butternut squash
12)zucchini toast
13)cashew bread
14)tempeh bread
15)portobello buns
16)eggplant buns
17)fruit buns
18)stuffed tomato
19)plantain tortillas
20)bell pepper sandwiches
21)high fiber crackers