Gnocchi in Brilliant Colors

Gnocchi, the dish that is “light as air”, has become a staple in Italian restaurants around the world and has likely been served up at many more dinner parties. So you decide to try your hand at this dish. You’ve even made a wonderful cream sauce to go with it but you want to truly impress and maybe even inspire your guests. Why not try your hand at creating rainbow-colored Gnocchi, a beautiful twist on this classic dish?

Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe for creating these “cloud-like” bites, experiment a little with the dough itself. Try combining the russet potato base with ingredients like beets, spinach, and carrots to find new hues for your dough that will eventually give rise to the rainbow-colored bites. Additionally, ingredients like butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and kale will also yield interesting colors for your Gnocchi.

Coat and cook the vegetables in olive oil until they are soft before pureeing them and adding to the potato mixture. Add just a tad more flour than usual(thanks to the high level of moisture the vegetables already carry)and shape your Gnocchi.

The addition of fresh vegetables will enrich the flavor of the original recipe. Just be sure to use a sauce that accents the vegetables you use and you will have a dish that will dazzle your house guests.