Grass-fed or Pasture-Raised VS Conventional or Industrial Farming

You are sitting in a restaurant eating a nice steak. Have you noticed that in some of the restaurants the menu will state that the beef is grass-fed? Have you pondered what that means? Everyone wants to have the highest quality beef but how can we know what we are eating is quality?

When you buy conventional beef in the grocery store it will be labeled USDA Prime. The other fancy name for it is USDA Choice beef. When you investigate the meaning of these titles you will find that it only refers to the degree of marbling or the grade of the meat.

Factory farming is a common practice and the animals are not treated in the highest standard. The cattle are kept in close quarters with little or no room to move around properly. They are given high doses of antibiotics to keep them from getting sick because of the highly populated environment. They are harvested early to get them out the door and on your plate.

The difference between the conventional method and grass-fed beef is extreme, to say the least. Grass-fed cattle are free to roam and graze on grass and clover as their natural diet. Knowing the difference in the quality of the beef, the choice is ours to make. We can buy the conventional at a much lower cost than the grass-fed. The real question is how important is our health?