There could be a few food fights in the future for Canadian businesses, especially as the food labels pertain to children and the marketing techniques that are used. The federal government has initiated a healthy eating guide. However, the food industry is fighting at every turn against the guides that are set in place.

Officials have been permitted from meeting with some of the food industry leaders in Canada as well as lobbyists who want to have their voices heard. The goal is to have front labels on foods so that the ingredients and any allergy information is clearly detailed as soon as a consumer picks up the item. Industry leaders want consumers to know how much sugar is in each product as well as how much salt and other unhealthy ingredients are in each kind of food they are getting. There are also possible restrictions in place on marketing foods that aren’t healthy for children so that they don’t get an excessive amount of sugars and other items that can lead to obesity and other diseases. Health Canada has decided to listen to the suggestions of some of the members of the food industry, but there are a few limits that each group wants to set before any final decision is made about food labels.