Healthy Clubhouse Sandwich

The classic club sandwich can be duplicated in many ways to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. You can add stuffed olives, bacon, eggs, whatever the heart desires. Take poppy seed bread, Italian bread, three-cheese bread, garlic bread, or toast, you name it. You can pair this sandwich with fat-free potato chips, pickles on the side, an Asian salad, pickled cucumbers, potato salad, the options are endless with this simple meal. So, here is a great cub sandwich recipe to try out for your next lunch or picnic.

Here’s the delicious recipe:

Healthy Club Sandwich
serves two

3 slices seeded grain bread
2 large leaves of red/green lettuce *You can also use Arugula*
2 slices of vegan swiss cheese
2 slices of turkey bacon
1 tsp Dijon Mustard *Spicy brown mustard is also a great addition*
1 Tbsp low-fat mayo
2 thin slices of sweet onion *red onion can be a substitute*
2 thin slices tomato
3 deli-thin slices of turkey *Any other meat can be used*
ground black pepper
2 toothpicks

Sandwich Assembly:
Begin by toasting the 3 slices of bread lightly about 3-5 minutes if using a conventional oven.
Spread the mustard on the top slice of bread.
Spread the mayo on the bottom slice of bread and on both sides of the middle slice of bread.

Fill the sandwich:
Add Bacon slice.
Layer onion slices on top bread slice
Add tomato slice.
Add some pepper.
Add a layer of cheese.
A lettuce leaf.
Place middle slice of bread.
Add Turkey meat.
Add a layer of cheese.
Another leaf of lettuce.
Then tomato slices.
More pepper.

Arrange on a plate, place toothpicks through the sandwiches and serve!