How to Choose the Healthiest Type of Salt for Cooking

Salt is widely regarded as unhealthy, bad for the heart, and dehydrating. However, salt in moderation is not necessarily a bad thing, and, in fact, there are other, healthier types of salt than classic table salt.

First off, let’s talk about table salt. Table salt is cheap and readily available, but, it is also the most unhealthy of all the salt. Table salt is created by heating natural salt to over one thousand degrees Fahrenheit. This heating process obliterates beneficial parts of natural salt. It is also bleached and contains additives.
So, now you know that table salt isn’t all that great, but, what are some other options?

– Himalayan pink salt– this salt is unrefined, and is a source for all 84 trace minerals needed by your body. Pink salt can reduce muscle cramps and help maintain PH balances in the body.

– Red salt– Another brightly colored salt, red salt is thought to be the highest in trace mineral concentration, especially iron.

– Sea Salt– The cheapest of the healthier salt options, sea salt is usually less processed than table salt, and comes in more textures to satisfy both tastes and aesthetic needs. Sea Salt, as you may have guessed, comes from the sea. Because of this, pollution is something to consider. While this isn’t going to kill you, you may want to switch up your salts from time to time.