How to prepare an artichoke

You want to use artichokes for the recipes you plan on cooking. If you’re looking at this, you have probably made mistakes in the past and haven’t gotten a proper artichoke. Its not a proccess of just cutting a vegetable and using whats inside. You need precision for this process.

Firstly, you want to wash the artichoke so you get all of the excess dirt and dust off your vegetable. Unless you do this, you won’t get a pure taste on the artichoke. Then you must take off the leaves and you can choose not to use them.

As a tip, you want to rub lemon juice on the white part of the artichoke. Doing this will make sure that the artichoke won’t turn brown as easily. Then you’re going to want to cut the top part in the middle. You know you’re doing it correctly if you see the purple part inside.

Next, you can either choose to break the stem off, or cut it, it doesn’t make a difference. With a knife you’re going to want to cut the green parts on the base of your stem. Next you want to take off some of the light green parts at the top.

With a teaspoon you’re going to take out all of the fibers out of the heart. Finally, you put the base in Lemon water to preserve. Now your artichoke is cut and prepared. We wish you luck in any dish or recipe you wish to work on.