How to Cook Chicken Perfectly Everytime

Some would say that chicken breast is one of their favorite meats to eat but also one of the toughest meats to cook. Some tips for cooking the best chicken every time includes proper marination, Utilizing the meat tenderizer and cooking it for the appropriate amount of time.

The first step to cooking the perfect chicken every time is to marinate it properly. A good marination will include an acid such as vinegar, white wine or lemon juice, onions, garlic and other fresh spices of your choosing. You want to make sure to add the chicken to the marinade at least 6 hours before cooking in order to make sure the meat gets the appropriate marinating time.

The next step to cooking the perfect chicken is to use a meat tenderizer. Most people skip this step, but it is essential in order to cook a delicious tender piece of meat. Simply place the raw meat under a thin piece of film and gently beat the chicken with the tenderizer until it is slightly flat. This will allow the chicken to be tender and moist after cooking.

The final step in cooking the perfect chicken every time is to make sure you are cooking the chicken for the appropriate amount of time. If you are baking the chicken it needs to be baked at a low temperature for a longer period of time. If you are frying it in a pan, you will want to make sure you use a medium/high temperature and keep a lid on the pan so that the moisture is not lost.

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