Variety of fruits and veggies have a number advantages to the body. Its recommended by most nutritionists that grown ups should consume a minimum of 4 veggies and 3 fruits daily. A famous nutritionist did an analysis on most of the patients that had visited her and found out that most of them do not include fruits and veggies in their meals

Kids should be encouraged to eat more fruits and veggies in order to have energy which they need as children. The nutrients that come with fruits help children in building bones and developing strong teeth. it also increases their immune system.

Having a meal consisting of a good amount of veggies and fruits is known to improve health. Vegetables and fruits are known from ancient time to have minerals, vitamins fiber and glutathione, there also known to protect the human body from sickness like cancer and heart related diseases. Unlike other foods veggies and fruits have low calories.

In today’s life many people have learnt how to consume vegetables and fruits in order to better their lives physically and mentally. They have a nutritional benefit that can only found in them, fruits such as carrots, watermelon and oranges are rich in vitamin C and fiber. consuming the fruits and veggies compared to their juice have been known to add nutritional value to the body.