Spaghetti on another level

Cooked Spaghetti has been known to be healthy over the years. Spaghetti is enriched with protein, iron and vitamins. There a couple of ways to give spaghetti a healthy makeover due to the many ways of cooking it. Boiled spaghetti is one of the healthiest meal one can prepare, having boiled spaghetti and a little touch of coriander will leave you wanting more and more.

Spaghetti enrichs you with protein and fiber meaning that most people that eat it tend to get full by eating less. Growing up i was always a fan of Spaghetti carbonara cooked with cheese and bacon, but due to the calories involved especially because of the bacon i changed the recipe. Using turkey bacon while preparing this meal turned out be great, turkey bacon is low in fat and calories. Adding vegetables also seemed to be a great idea on giving spaghetti a healthy makeover.

In order to prepare healthy Spaghetti, begin my boiling water(depends on the quantity you want to prepare)until you bring it boil. Add the spaghetti to the boiling water for around 30 minutes, taste the spaghetti and if ready and there is water drain the water. Cut the turkey bacon into small pieces and mix them together, add salt, pepper and coriander to make a mouth watering meal.