Stress Free Weekly Meal Planning

Meal planning is not only a good idea if you are a busy mom or dad, but it can also keep you on track dietary wise. Weekly meal planning will help you save money by not having to spend any at expensive restaurants. All it takes is a half an hour per week to create a successful weekly meal plan.

Meal planning can help “force” you to eat real food. Lean proteins and nutrient dense vegetables are essential to any diet. Research healthy recipes and tailor your shopping list around those ingredients. Purchase healthy foods that you know you will use. Choosing healthy ingredients for the week will help you stick do a better eating plan. Weekly meal planning also helps prevent you from wasting food. If you are only purchasing what you need to make for a week at a time, there is a small chance you will have leftovers lost in the back of the fridge for weeks. There are also several smartphone apps that can provide you with thousands of recipes to use up leftovers.

Meal planning will definitely eliminate stress when it comes to cooking for your family. We’ve all been there when 5 p.m. rolls around and you have to scramble to figure out what to make for dinner. With a plan, you will know the night before what you are cooking for dinner the next day. Planning ahead will also allow you to save time by cooking in bulk. You can freeze the extra food for a fast future meal. You can cook an extra piece of chicken or two, and use it for a chicken salad later in the week. Stick to recipes that your family loves and re-use them every few weeks. When you are weekly meal planning, you can throw it in there if you can’t come up with anything else.