How to Throw a Burns Night Supper.

When hosting an informal ‘Burns Supper’, creating the correct atmosphere is important.

•Choose a nice, cozy room preferably with a roaring, log or coal fire.
•Decide if you want speeches and recitations and choose the speaker.
•Decorate the table(s) with tartan, thistles or heather.
•Play Scottish music as you greet your guests, setting the scene for the evening.
•Wear something tartan.

Informal Burns suppers are all about friends and family gathering together to enjoy a celebration. If you want to recreate a formal supper, appoint a friend or family member the honor of carrying in the haggis on a platter. Before the start of the meal, your chosen speaker reciting ‘The Selkirk Grace’ is a nice touch.

Usual fare starts with a Scottish soup like Cock-A-Leekie or Scotch broth followed by haggis, mashed tatties (potatoes) and neeps (mashed Swede). Dessert is optional, but favorites include ’Clootie Dumplings,’ Cranachan or a cheeseboard. Beverages for the toasts can be Scotch whisky, beer, or ales. Traditionally other speeches, poems and songs by the Bard take place after the meal.

If you want recitations, popular poems are ‘To a Mouse’, and ‘Tam O’ Shanter.’ If you are lucky enough to have a singer in your presence, several of Burns’ poems have been set to music, the most well-known being ‘A Red Red Rose’ and ‘Coming Thro’ the Rye’.

Burns suppers are all about good food, plenty of drink and great company celebrating the Bard’s birthday, January 25th.