Jar Hacks: 8 Things to Make with an Almost-Empty Jar

Empty jars are a terrible thing to waste. Often times that last little scoop is not enough to make a sandwich even. There are a few different uses for those almost empty jars however.

1. Vinaigrette- for those that love salads, this is a great way to use a nearly empty mustard jar. Add shallots or thinly sliced onions, vinegar of your choice and some olive oil and shake well.
2. Overnight Oats- if you have a peanut butter jar that is nearly empty try adding oats, toppings of your choice and milk and leave in the fridge overnight for an easy and fast breakfast.
3. Chocolate Milk- hazelnut spread makes for a great chocolate milk mixer. Add some milk and shake for a great drink.
4. Yogurt Dip- dip is great for veggies and a nearly empty Greek yogurt tub can make for a great dip starter when you add garlic and herbs.
5. Thai Sauce- for those that love Asian flavor, adding a bit of chili peppers, basil and fish sauce to a nearly empty marmalade or jelly jar makes for a great sauce.
6. Blue Cheese Sauce- for those that have a nearly empty mayonnaise jar adding blue cheese lemon juice, and parsley is great for dressing.
7. Home made BBQ sauce- if you love barbeque adding a bit of vinegar into an almost empty ketchup bottle helps to thin it out so that you can add it to your barbeque sauce.
8. Pickled Veggies- if you have a nearly empty pickle jar, add some new vegetables like carrots, garlic and even cucumbers and let sit overnight for pickled veggies.