Leftover ham recipes

One of the best recipes for the left over holiday ham is the traditional southern ham salad. However, instead of bland mayonnaise and traditional chopped veggies, this recipe will utilize sandwich spread along with chopped onions, celery and apples. Sandwich spread is the spread which contains a variety of items like relish. It is most often used to make thousand island dressing. It is tangy with a little sweetness, and using sweetness with pork is very traditional, so if the leftover ham was glazed, then the recipe will not be affected.

Because ham is easily broken down when cut from the bone and manipulated, to keep the salad pleasantly chunky, utilize the ham when cold and reserve stirring until all of the ingredients are combined. So the first step is to cut the ham from the bone and cut into the preferred sized chunk.

It is important to do the ham first because it will reveal how much ham is present. This will affect the portion amount of the ingredients. There should be as many apples as ham, and the apples should be cut into pieces that match the size of the leftover holiday ham chunks. A smooth tasting onion like a small white onion should be used, and should be cut into a small dice. The onion dice should be much smaller than the ham and apple chunks but not minced.

Next, place the ham in a suitable sized plastic or glass bowl and add the apple. Next add enough of the sandwich spread to the mixture until it is desired consistency. Next, add the onion to taste and mix thoroughly, but lightly so as not to break the meat. At this point, add ins like chopped boiled eggs and sweet or dill chopped pickles can be added. The mixture should be refrigerated, but small amounts can be warmed if preferable.