Low-Cal Coffee Hacks

Coffee is a wonderful drink and many of us cant wait to get up in the morning and rejuvenate ourselves with a fresh cup of coffee while looking out the window and preparing for the day. However, sometimes your coffee can contain a lot of calories if you do not watch what you put in it. Furthermore, if you go to Starbucks and get a specialty drink, you are bound to get a lot of sugar and heavy milk that will load the calories in your drink. Some coffee at Starbucks contain up to 500 calories a drink. That is almost one third the amount of calories you can consume in one day. Here are some tips to avoid the calorie overload in your coffee:

1) Make your own coffee:
The best way to not overload your coffee with calories is making it yourself. Coffee naturally has zero calories. If you make it yourself, you can monitor the amount of additional calories that go in it.

2) Drink it black:
As long as you drink it black, you can be sure that it will contain zero calories

3) Need Milk? Use Low-fat:
Often we only put milk in our coffee so that it dampens the strong taste of the coffee. But we really don’t need that much. Low-fat milk does enough of the job.

3) Use stevia, and not sugar:
If you can’t go one without sweetened coffee. Use stevia. It sweetens your coffee enough and also contains zero calories.

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