Make Tofu Scrambles and Quiches

For people who are looking to abstain from eating meat but still want to incorporate a healthy amount of protein into their diets, tofu is a very versatile protein option. Made out of soybeans, tofu is something that absorbs a lot of flavors and remains firm like meat does within a recipe. The best part is, it is affordable and really easy to cook. With different varieties available, you may need to do some experimenting to find out what you like but once you determine whether you like firm tofu, extra firm tofu or silken tofu, you’ll be able to work tofu into your weekly meal plans.

What Is It?

Tofu is basically made out of curdling soy milk along with a coagulant. The curds separate from the whey and the water will drain out. You are left with curds of tofu and as you continue pressing it, the final product becomes more lucrative in fat and protein. While it may be new to the United States to some degree, tofu has been used in Asia for 2000 years.

How Do I Use It?

Tofu is not raw like meat so you can cook it however you like. You can marinade it and cook it up that way. You can also deep fry it and sauté it into a variety of traditional recipes like stir fries and pasta dishes.

When you go shopping at your local grocery store, look for a brick of tofu. Usually it can be found in the produce department of your grocery store but you may also be able to find it in the ethnic section.