Portion Awareness

When it comes to healthy eating, portion control is really something one must be aware of. Portion control makes sure that we don’t overeat or consume too many calories that will make our lifestyle unhealthy and make us gain weight. Some tips below can help you monitor your food consumption and make you more conscious about your portion control.

1) Calorie Counting:

The best way to know how much food you should be eating is by figuring out how many calories you need to sustain yourself. Go online and find a website that will calculate this for you. All you need to do is provide your height, weight and age and then the website will be able to calculate how much calories you should eat to maintain your weight, lose weight and gain weight. From there on, you can calculate the amount of calories that are in your food on a daily basis.

2) Smaller Plates:

Buy smaller plates for your house. If you have smaller plates, you are less likely to fill your plate up heavily with too much food and avoid overeating. Additionally, having blue plates will decrease your appetite. They say the color blue will reduce cravings and hungers.

3) Drink a big glass of water before eating:

Your stomach does not know the difference of you being hungry vs. you being thirsty. In order to avoid overeating and exercise portion control, drinking a big glass of water will reduce your appetite before your cravings take control.