Should You Use Tap Water For Cooking?

For a long time, it has been debated whether or not you should use tap water for cooking. According to the CDC, it is OK to use it if you take certain steps to prepare the water properly.

The first step is to run the water in your kitchen sink for two minutes in order to make it as cold as possible. The second step is to use a clean container and put tap water into it. It is essential to ensure that you always use cold tap water to cook with, as using hot water is not recommended. If you need your water to be warm in order to cook with it the safest thing to do is heat cold tap water in the microwave.

While cooking with tap water is accepted, there are instances where you should avoid doing so. If you or someone you are cooking for is pregnant, it is safer to use bottled water to cook with. It is also safer to use bottled water when cooking for children, as bottled water is always cleaner than tap water.

It is recommended that you have and use a filtration system in your home if you wish to use tap water to cook with. This will ensure that the water you use is always safe for you and your family.