Steamed Fish, Swimming In Flavor

There are several different ways one can steam fish. My personal favorite especially when in a hurry is in the microwave. This can be done with a thick fillet or whole fish. We live in the mountains and the area creeks are stocked with trout each fishing season. My husband and son love to catch them, clean them, then turn them over to me to either cook or freeze. By freezing them individually, I can easily thaw out one or two for a small meal or a dozen for a crowd. Microwaving is best for a small meal.

Place one or two fillets or whole fish on a microwave safe dish that has been lightly oiled. I prefer to flavor mine with either fresh lemon or lemon juice, thinly sliced onions or diced green onions, and a few pats of real butter. You can flavor your fish any way you choose. Pinterest or google are two sites that can give you all sorts of recipes to try.

Cover the dish with either a glass lid or plastic wrap. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to cook, so check for doneness by flaking the fish with a fork. If it flakes easily and is white or opaque throughout it is finished.

Serve with a side dish and salad for a full, healthy meal.