Superfood Spotlight: Dragonfruit

Dragon fruit, otherwise known as Pitaya, is a fruit that has been baffling the minds of grocery shoppers for years. What is it exactly? How does one eat it? How can I even get to an edible part of the fruit? All very good questions, my friends, as I too have often wondered about this truly mind-blowing piece of bizarre fruit. So, having done some research, this is what I have discovered.

This beautiful and exotic fruit was finally allowed into the United States only in 2008, which is one of the many reasons we are so afraid of it. We haven’t seen it before! For all we know it could be some alien pod that snuck itself into one of the local grocery bins, right? Relax, not the case. Although not usually found in your traditional grocery store, some specialty grocery/ organic stores may get their hands on it occasionally.

Native to South America and tropical climates, this fruit is abundant in essential fatty acids. The seeds it contains are vital to maintaining cardiovascular and brain health. Rich in antioxidant properties and vitamin C, these also maintain a certain elasticity to the skin that other fruits and vegetables cannot. It also contains Serotonin, which produces a happiness factor in a person’s brain.

Among other properties, this amazing fruit has a sweet, crispy taste that is very inviting. The B vitamins found throughout have also been studied and have found to help patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. For this fruit, you may peel off the outside of the skin to eat or cut and scoop out the flesh. If you happen to stumble on this fruit, you must give it a try!