Top 5 fast food desserts

5. Kfc offers standard cookies as a part of their $5 fill up package. However if you don’t want to purchase that, you can get the cookie separately for $1.29. The cookie is not too soft and not too hard. KFC found a great way to find a middle ground.

4. The McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cone is a classic for many. People tend to like ice cream in general. The problem is that many stores can’t provide in a quick time. Not only is it made quickly at McDonalds, it is priced at the affordable $1 per cone.

3. The Panera bread does the cinnamon roll justice. You would usually have to get a cinnamon roll from other places but Panera’s chains are so common you find one near you. Because of their culture around baking you can trust they’ll do it justice. Its price at $3.09.

2. Burger Kings’s OREO® Cookie Cheesecake has attracted a lot of attention over the years. Not many fast food places serve cheesecakes and they have really elevated the overall meal. Using milks favorite cookie gives it a special taste and crunch that you wouldn’t normally have. Give it a try if you have a chance.

1. The McDonald’s Reese’s McFlurry is truly a delicacy. The oreo and M&M options were already popular but when this hit the stores, McDonald’s couldn’t fulfill the demand. Having Ice cream combined with a normal McFlurry takes it a step above the rest. If you can find it a store, it will cost $2.39 for a regular McFlurry.