Veggie Spotlight: What the Heck is Kohlrabi?

Kohlrabi is a cultivar of cabbage and is a stable vegetable in India; although it is popular in many European countries as well. This vegetable has a lot of surprising health benefits as well, some which include; increasing metabolism, increasing circulation, boosting weight loss and boosting immune system, and so much more. Kohlrabi is in season in both the fall and winter and tastes like the spicier version of broccoli when raw and sweeter with caramelized.

The reason that kohlrabi is very popular is because of all of its health benefits. If you have trouble with digestion, eating kohlrabi can help improve it because it is full of dietary fiber. Fiber is great for constipation, moving your bowels along, reducing bloating, and improving your gastrointestinal system. The fiber from the kohlrabi is also great for weight loss because it helps one feel fuller, even with a small amount consumed.

Kohlrabi can be eaten both raw and cooked. The leaves of the kohlrabi can be eaten as well and they contain a lot of iron. They can be added to a salad or even sautéed with garlic. A great way to slow down the process of the bones weakening is by eating mineral dense foods, such as kohlrabi. The minerals included in this vegetable that help with bone strength are manganese, iron, and calcium contents.

Kohlrabi also helps with eye care, since it is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A. The potassium found in the kohlrabi is another reason why kohlrabi is a superfood. Potassium is needed as the key player in nerve and muscle behavior in the body, which serves as the entire function of the body.

If you haven’t already added kohlrabi to your diet, you need to start now. The benefits that come from eating this vegetable are incredible and will have you feeling healthy and strong.