What Is Tofu And How Do I Use It?

Tofu is a food made by forming soy milk and into blocks. It is a staple of vegetarian cuisine and used in many traditional and unique dishes. The soy bean it is produced from has the ability to work well with many dishes and this makes it perfect for those who want to experience a broad range of possible dishes while maintaining a vegetarian diet. It makes for a great meat substitute and can replace so many traditional dishes. Using it to prepare a meal is very easy once you realize how easy it is to turn into just about anything that your meal is going to need.

Think of tofu the way you might think of cheese. It can be used to make everything from pizza to burgers when you decide to add the right seasonings to it and give it the right shape. The flavor of soy isn’t very strong in and of itself so that makes it very easy to take in and decide what you want. When you decide to cook it right along with other foods you can easily make something that you will love along with everyone you decide to serve your dish to.