When American Soldiers Met Vietnamese Cuisine

Today’s youth and their extravagant taste buds would find it weird to be scared of trying something as basic as Chinese food or things of that nature. Well why not when you can walk into any restaurant with that speciality or even a mall that has several culture based food spots.

This wasn’t the case back in the 1960’s everyone had a plain plate to pick from, it was actually thought of as over adventurous when you went to another country to try their cuisine.

Another thing to note is that the sanitation back in the 1960’s was rather questionable. No indoor plumbing, no running water only shallow Wells to draw their water from. So it would lead one to think that maybe their food preparation habits we’re not yet up to the standards we are use to having at our convenience today.

A great example of food to be used here would be nuoc mam a fish based condiment used primarily in Vietnam. (In today’s society it could probably be found a a local Walmart or Aldi’s.) However something of this taste would shock someone who has never experienced anything but U.S. based dishes that are now common to most. Now in today’s world people from all over several different continents make the trek to the Vietnamese restaurant (or even Vietnam) for a taste of nuoc mam.

This goes to show to never judge a book by its cover, or even don’t knock it until you try it.