Maple Sap the Next Drink Craze

Maple syrup is to Canada what Apple pie is to America.

Our universal love for Canadian maple as a food flavoring goes way beyond morning pancakes. Italian chef Massimo Bottura, whose three-Michelin-star ‘Osteria Francescana’ and consistently ranked among the top 5 restaurants in the world, rave how fantastic maple syrup is for flavoring. Chef Buttura has incorporated maple syrup into many of his dishes.

A new product is hitting the shelves of upscale grocery stores on the East coast hoping to cash in on our love of anything maple; ‘Maple Water’ or commonly referred to as ‘Sap.’ Sap manufacturers claim maple water is a revolutionizing energy and replenishment drink. The target market is the health-conscious consumer that made coconut water the trendiest drink on the market today.

Maple sap is a clear watery liquid bottled as it comes out from the maple tree after some filtration. It is a single ingredient beverage with nothing added or taken away. The maple tree gives the water a slight sweetness taste. Sap makers make a big deal of its natural healthy properties. Maple water contains iron and magnesium, it has electrolytes, vitamin E, prebiotics, is all natural, and GMO-free drink. However, these beneficial claims are not supported by hard scientific evidence at this date.

The price tag on SAP is almost $3.00. The makers are banking on it being the next trendy replenishment drink after coconut water.

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