Winter Salad Recipe!

Have you ever wanted a salad but don’t really have any ingredients? This winter salad recipe can help save a live, plus it’s healthy and everyone likes healthy, right? No more stressing about ingredients when you have a recipe that requires five ingredients or less, most likely these ingredients can be found around your house. Got lettuce? We have you covered!

Every brand is different with ingredients but one of the best childhood brands that always pulls through is Kraft. Everyone grab your pens, you’re about to receive the best winter salad recipe.

What’s needed

* 1 envelope of Italian dressing mix
* 3 fresh pairs (equals out to about a pound) cubed these up (honestly It doesn’t matter how they’re cubed, the point here is to get them bite sized.)
* 1 package of torn fresh greens (8 oz. Package)
* 1/2 cup dried cranberries
* 1/4 cup chopped toasted walnuts


1) Whip up the dressing as directed (please use the less oil option)
2) Add 1/4 to pears in medium bowl; toss to coat all the yumminess. Let rest for around 15 minutes.
3) Toss greens, cranberries and nuts with left over dressing in large bowl. Add pears; mix lightly. Serve immediately.

This recipe is saved under Generally Healthy so do be afraid to dive in, let loose and enjoy!